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We believe that in this world everybody have some kind of a specific competency. Further there is a value for competencies of everybody compared to what they think. But the problem is there is no advanced technology in our country in terms of connecting those people, teams or companies in a space who have competencies to produce creative creations for the country or world. We have to build those things. Therefore we decided to create a platform to open all of our competencies in the country to entire world by using our most preferred sections.

We expect to develop this as a platform for a Freelancer in the future who can offer online and physical service as an own career path though we started this site as a completely free part time & permanent job requirement filing site.

This is the latest system developed in Sri Lanka to do anything related to part time or permanent jobs. As a strong team, Wetroop consists of six (6) committed and experienced full time IT and Management graduates and a retired engineer whose experience is more than 40 years in government service who is providing continuous consultancy service and capital (had been worked as a Manager) Therefore we have confidence in our mind to make this platform a success by making everybody’s life alive strongly. We are working together to reach that goal. We are expecting to carry out Current services and potential services in this platform freely by charging only for additional services from those who require additional services. We also have a plan to introduce We Troop to global market after we manage to stabilize in Sri Lanka. We expect to bring foreign currency to Sri Lanka as a result of introducing We Troop to global market.

Considering all of these facts we have the responsibility in our heads that any one in Sri Lanka can proudly communicate about a global creation in Sri Lanka Therefore we proudly invite you to join with us to make this dream a reality.

UI / UX Engineer

Finance Manager

Sofrware Engineer

Marketing Executive Manager

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